Keep Africa Beautiful- Sierra Leone
Lumley Beach Road, Aberdeen, Freetown

Keep Africa Beautiful- Sierra Leone is an innovative and enterprising waste management company that offers integrated solutions for the collection, recovery and disposal of waste for homes, businesses and public places in local communities. 

KAB-SL is working in partnership with residents the public and private sectors to promote a clean and  healthy environment in Aberdeen community, Freetown, Sierra Leone , West Africa
We are registered with the Ministry of Youth Affairs as a Youth Organization. Currently, we are a small team with the aim to grow our business by adding more tricycles to our fleet, more bins and employ more youths to our product line over the next years.

Keep Africa Beautiful- Sierra Leone is committed to the delivery of a cost effective, green and efficient service to the local business sectors, whilst participating in community processes in order to sustain our local environment.

We are seeking a business partner that can support us to grow and share everything with the business.  We’re committed to providing efficient cost effective solutions to client’s problems, acting promptly and responsibly to consumer demands.
We pride ourselves on living the values of:
  • Passion: striving for excellence through completing tasks with initiative, enthusiasm drive and enjoyment,
  • Integrity: dealing in an open fair and ethical manner in all aspects of our lives,
  • Commitment: taking responsibility for our work,
  • Respect: treating all people with respect and dignity,
  • Teamwork: acting as one towards a shared purpose and common goal,
  • Embracing differences: acknowledging the diverse contributions of all we interact with through listening and sharing knowledge to create a supportive environment